College/University Administrator Of Special Education Training Programs

CASE is happy to provide its members with a list of College/University Administrator of Special Education training programs. As indicated in the description of each program, some have partnered with National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), now known as the National Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Both CEC and CAEP/NCATE view the foundation of a strong profession as a shared body of specialized knowledge and skill based on research, and public confidence that professionals are prepared to practice. This list is a public service and does not endorse any one college/university program; rather it is CASE's attempt to provide our members with as much information as possible that will help them make informed decisions when seeking out a training program.

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University of Vermont
Transformative Leadership for Special Education Administrators
Burlington, VT 05405
Accreditation:  College NCATE
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  VT State Administrative Licensure
Program Format:  Face to Face and Blended
Description:  Its primary purpose is to increase the number and quality of special education leaders and administrators in VT and across the country. The Transformative Leadership Project will provide tuition, stipend, and research opportunities for student s to complete UVM's doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the area of Special Education Leadership.
Contact Information:
Katharine Shepherd, Ed.D.,
Kieran M. Killeen, Ph.D.,
University of Toledo
Project Leading Educators in Advancing Inclusive Early Education (Project LEA)
2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606
Accreditation:  CAEP/CEC
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  N/A
Program Format:  online
Description:  This program is designed for early childhood special education (ECSE) personnel who work in Ohio and are (a) currently ECSE supervisors, or (b) are interested in a career as an ECSE supervisor. The program of study focuses on supporting high-quality outcomes for preschool-aged students with disabilities through the use of evidence-based practices and data-based decision making.
Contact Information:
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Dr. Lyn Hale,
Dr. Laurie Dinnebeil,
Dr. Ed Cancio at
Drexel University School of Education
Special Education Leadership
3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Accreditation:  PA Department of Education approval
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  Supervisor of Special Education Certification
Program Format:  Online offered in these programs:
stand alone post baccalaureate
a concentration in our Masters of Educational Administration taken in conjunction with Principal certification
a concentration in our EdD
Description:  Students are prepared to take on supervisory roles within the education system after gaining the unique leadership knowledge and skills needed to successfully direct programs within special education. Graduates are equipped with the advanced skills, knowledge, and competencies to head programs that meet the needs of students at risk for and with disabilities in a variety of environments.
Contact Information:
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Owen Schugsta
University of St. Thomas
Preparation of Special Education Leaders (PSEL) Program
3800 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006
Accreditation:  The University is state accredited—the program itself is not separately accredited
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  N/A
Program Format:  Blended
Description:  The program consists of 12 courses/36 credit hours that results in a Master's Degree. Besides a research component, scholars enrolled in the program take five special education courses slanted towards educational leadership issues and five educational leadership courses slanted towards special education issues. PSEL is implemented in collaboration with area school districts and is very much field-based.
Contact Information:
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Email: Randy Soffer, Project Director,
University of Central Florida
National Urban Special Education Leadership Initiative (NUSELI)
4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32816
Accreditation:  NCATE for the college
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  FL has a state general education administration certificate but not SPED
Program Format:  Blended
Description:  This project provides an Educational doctorate with a specialization in Exceptional Education Leadership. The project builds upon an existing strong partnership with three Florida urban school districts, Orlando, St Petersburg and Miami, (respectively, the10th, 7th and 4th largest LEAs in the country) with fourteen (14) doctoral candidates selected from these school districts. Each candidate is supported by an experienced and highly-qualified mentor from the district in which they work.
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University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Education
Administrator of Special Education Program
Department of Student Development, 175 Hills-South, Amherst, MA 01003
Accreditation:  MA Accreditation
Licensure/Certificate/Endorsement:  Administrator of Special Education License (all levels)
Program Format:  Courses are a mix of face-to-face, blended, and on-line, though the entire program cannot be completed on-line
Description:  This program offers an EdS and EdD degrees with a specialization in Leadership and Administration for Special Education. The program offers embedded field-based and research experiences within the classes that form the course of study. Challenging school district practical are available in high need urban settings. The program also offers state and federal level internships.
Contact Information:
Mary Lynn Boscardin, Project Director,
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