Response to Intervention

In an effort to serve our membership and others CASE is dedicating a page of our website to the topic of "Response to Intervention". The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, was reauthorized once again in December of 2004 and embedded within the Act is language that refers to early intervening strategies and studentsâ™ response to these early intervention attempts. This concept has been labeled RtI - Response to Intervention. Response to Intervention is not a new term nor is it a special education strategy but rather it is a plethora of good instructional practices that are both grounded in research and practical applications. Past changes in the Act have lead to paradigm shifts in how we view educational processes. As educators work to implement new concepts often many questioned are raised. The purpose of this page is to provide educators access to information about RtI so they can continue to provide outstanding educational opportunities to all students.

In an effort to stay abreast with the current interest in RtI, CASE has embarked on a partnership with the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE). NASDSE recently published a definitive primer on Response to Intervention and has sold over 35,000 copies of the book. CASE has helped to spread the word about this resource and is working with NASDSE on the "next steps" to take the strategies and philosophy from the book to detailed resources for implementation at the school, district, and state levels. As a part of this collaboration, NASDSE and CASE developed a White Paper, RtI an Administrator's Perspective on RtI (by tforge tech kym). CASE focused on RtI at our 2006 Winter Institute and our keynote speaker, Dr. George Batsche, gave CASE permission to post his power point on RtI on our website. We have included it on this page for ease of use.

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The California Department of Education, with leadership from Allan Lloyd-Jones, has created a series of RtI videos that can be used by anyone in the nation (that was part of our agreement with CA DE). There are 5 different 1.5 hour long videos. These webcasts are available on the Web and can be viewed directly on your computer free of charge.

The titles of these 5 videos are:
1. Why implement RtI? Presenters Jack Fletcher, Dan Reschly and Dave Tilly
2. What is RtI? Presenters Sharon Kurns and Amanda VanDerHeyden
3. Administrative Issues in RtI: Presenters George Batsche, Judy Elliott and Roy Applegate
4. Instruction in RtI systems: Presenters Wendy Robinson and Barbara Moore Brown
5. Getting Started with RtI: Presenters Margie McGlinchey and Alnita Dunn

The video editing on these was very professionally done by Joe Parenteand his team. You need to have Microsoft Media Player to view them. It works for both Macs and PCs.

The weblink to the series is:

You may use these resources as you see fit. They were originally webcast to sites in California, however, the content is not California specific, but would apply to any and all RtI implementation sites in the country. We hope they will be of use to you as you continue your RtI work.

Special thanks to the California Department of Education for allowing all of us to use these great videos!